Viral will examine the needs of the corporation, dissect the problems, & create manageable creative solutions for brand growth in the long-term.

Viral will walk the audience through the necessary steps of taking your brand to the next level.

He will discuss important business problems, solutions, issues, & how to make them relatable & functional to everyone from the CEO to interns.

He will also explore overall business strategies that can help move your business or organization forward – from startup ideas to an organization, to branding and everything in between.

He will also help improve your business profitability by enhancing the concepts, marketing structure, & strategy by analyzing the brand and see how it performs against competitors.

He’ll summarize the branding & creative strategies that helped him guide The Creative Minds from a dream to a global community of designers.

Having a team of expert designers, who are best in exploring their creative ideas makes your brand stand out from your competitors.

He works with the marketing team to ensure a consistent and effective brand message.

Also being a strategist, He solves the problems that the company needs to improve the performance & growth in sales using online tools & technics.

Here to help you with online strategies like designs, websites, SEO & paid campaigns, etc. to sell a product with ease.

A Brand Strategist often works under the Brand Manager or marketing team to ensure a consistent and effective brand message. … A Brand Strategist will find ways to further enhance the branding of a product or service, as well as develop a marketing plan through analysis of current market data and trends.

From his then-unprecedented skills and branding techniques to the continuously innovative ways in which he uses social media, brand integration, and his expertise on design culture, Viral remains a cutting edge mentor & never lack to generate Ideas.

Design plays a very important role in developing a startup into a business brand.

Not only for your visuals but also for the message that your brand wants to deliver.