It’s easy to use an eraser many times, then to create a new file every time…
– Viral Patel

Viral Patel, from Mumbai, India.
An Introvert by nature but my knowledge gave my power to speak, So I love to Inspire & Enlighten People

He started this blog to help & provide guidance to the creative people around the world.

From a young age, He always had a sense of motivation & passion driving him forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, He brings these values to every experience throughout life on a personal & professional level.

As Founder & CEO, Viral steered THE CREATIVE MINDS from a mere concept to a global community of designers.
Helping more than 300 genuine members with their queries related to designs, guidance & career opportunities.

A decade of experience with proficiency in Corel Draw, Adobe Suite, Application UX-UI Designs, Brochure, Catalogs, Web Graphics, & Audio Video Editing.
With an eye for perfection & attention to detail, efficiency, sincerity, hard work, and ability to grasp things quickly are his USP.
Unique branding ideas & Creating fresh creatives is his trait so he decided to follow heart & pursue his passion.

Over the decade, Viral has evolved into not only a creative icon but also a well-respected design mentor and business coach.
Consulting many of the startup companies, Viral and his team share advice & experience on branding, product placement, marketing, and overall business consultation.

In addition to the running company, He is also passionate about travelling, playing video games, and conducting webinars, writing blogs & read business case studies

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I want to inspire you in the right way. I look forward to connecting with you.

You can contact me whenever you are in a need of help, click here!.



Something about me...

Design Mentor

After having a decade of experience in the creative industry.

He is so passionate to help others who are beginners, interns & have started their careers recently.

As a Mentor, He offers you a perspective for your creative ideas & career. He helps the designers & guides them for their creatives & career-related queries.

Business Strategist

Having multiple Businesses in his portfolio & helped many Start-up Entrepreneurs makes viral a better Business Strategist.

He Helps you align your actions in the right direction with the necessarily needed approach.

Here to help you with online strategies like designs, websites, SEO & paid campaigns, etc. to sell a product with ease.

Brand Consultant

Viral will examine the needs of the corporation, dissect the problems, & create manageable creative solutions for brand growth in the long term.

Viral will walk the audience through the necessary steps of taking your brand to the next level.

He will discuss important business problems, solutions, issues, & how to make them relatable & functional to everyone from the CEO to interns.

What clients say

Testimonials from few close ones...

Yogendra Nagre (Madhya Pradesh)

Founder of Yogi & Designs

Viral is so passionate about taking his Ideas into action,
He dedicatedly helps everyone in the community of creative minds where everyone is welcome to learn & ask their queries in the graphic design field.
He also does help & consults people about business strategies to survive in the industry.


Saista Chhipa (Ahmedabad)

Founder of Saista Creation

Viral is so passionate about designs & creative thinking. He is mentoring not just students but also new professionals who are trying to make their mark in the design field. Always helpful to everyone Viral has an amazing vision for projects big or small.
It is from him I learned how to do a perfect & uniform design.


Sonia Kalia (Chandigarh)

Founder of Designly

Mr Patel's efforts need to be appreciated by all.
He has tremendous enthusiasm to help one and all who are working on their passion.
His enthusiasm is seen in the way he works hard, his kind and calm nature and the passion he works with.

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